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The Color of Christmas 
Dramatic Short
19 minutes
Director: Cyrus Kowsari
Harkins 1 Wed 6:00 PM , Harkins 6 Fri 3:20 PM

Walter Whitfield is a single father living in New York City. He cares deeply for his young daughter, Lindsey. He'll do anything to make his sweet little girl happy. Lindsey wants one thing for Christmas: a very special, highly coveted, hard to get doll. Walter must acquire this very rare doll on Christmas Eve, but the task is nearly impossible. His desperate search for the doll leads him to realizations that change his life view. L

Plays with:

(notes on) Biology 
6 minutes

This charming short was an absolute screener favorite. Through this story told with clever cinematography and animation you may be inspired to keep a notebook!

A Better Place Than This 
Dramatic Short
24 minutes
Director: Daniel Grove

A lonely Singaporean death row guard tries to help a young Australian convicted of drug trafficking accept her fate despite a bizarre contradiction - he is her executioner. Inspired by the true life figure Darshan Singh, Singapore's Chief Executioner and self-styled death-row confidant. V, N

A Thousand Empty Glasses 
Dramatic Short
15 minutes
Director: Andrew Nolan

One night. One decision. One life. A drunken evening exposing long held secret lives forces a young man into a life altering decision. V

Of Teaching Killer Whales Compassion 
Dramatic Short
15 minutes
Director: Raphe Wolfgang

Joseph has lived on the streets for some time now and with no apparent end in sight his world is encompassed only by the basic needs of survival. This particular day starts the same as any other, begging for money and struggling to find some way to feed himself. A chance encounter with a stranger, however, offers Joseph a chance of something better, when he is invited to help out inside a small theater.

The Balibo Night 
Dramatic Short
10 minutes
Director: Nick Black

The Balibo Night gives the audience a rare insight into the psyche of Australian soldiers on patrol in a hostile environment. See and feel what its like to be on a night patrol in the badlands of East Timor. Taken from the diary of a soldier on the ground. Feel a part of the platoon as you are taken on a ride into an often misunderstood world. V

The Dance 
Dramatic Short
7 minutes
Director: Fabio Breccia

A dance across the threshold of the supernatural! A young couple's date with destiny is tragically altered by the actions of a careless driver. V

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