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The Lake (El Lago) 
Dramatic Short
5 minutes
Director: Jennifer Nicole Stang
Performing Arts Wed 8:00 PM buy tickets , Harkins 5 Sun 9:15 AM buy tickets

A woman dreams about a lake from the top of a mountain. She wants to get closer to the water, but finds she can't move. And only until she discovers the truth within, will she truly find what she desires.

Plays with:

Dramatic Feature
101 minutes
Director: Annette Haywood-Carter

A lavish Southern epic!

Set in the post Civil War era, the film tells the true story of the legendary Ward Allen (played by Jim Caviezel), an Aristocratic-turned-market hunter, his business partner — a freed slave named Christmas Moultrie — and the love of his life, free spirited Lucy Stubbes. As the changing times force the brilliant but troubled Ward to challenge the government to recognize his rights as a market hunter, Ward fights to preserve his love, his lifelong friendship with Moutrie and above all, his way of life on the cherished Savannah River. V, L


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